At the recent AGM a new Board was voted on. These are the results.

President Victor Tomlinson
Vice President Men
Richard Wisdom
Treasurer Danville Davidson-
Secretary Denise Wisdom
Richard Shaw

There were no nominees for  Vice President women or for the other Director. 


Lorena Rinaldini - Inspired leadership

8 July 2015
Sarah Juggins, for PAHF

Tournament Directors are top dogs at sports events but, for the most part they prefer to stay behind the scenes, poised to take control if needed, but ready to trust their team to do their jobs. In their role, the Tournament Director needs a wide range of skills and abilities – with negotiation skills and man management at the top of a long list. Argentina’s Lorena Rinaldini is the women taking charge of the women’s hockey competition at the Pan American Games in Toronto and, she says, she has learnt her role from some of the best in the business. (Contd on PHAF website)

2015 Pan American Games (Men)

July 14-25, 2015
Toronto, Canada More

2015 Pan American Games (Women)

July 13-24, 2015
Toronto, Canada More

Big wins to start 2015 Pan American Games Women

13 July 2015

The first day of the 2015 Pan American Games Women began with a sea of orange volunteers that made way for smooth operations on day one. The day included four matches each with a dominant attacking team. More

No television coverage or streaming for hockey competitions at Pan Am Games in Toronto…

Legal and financial constraints prevent PAHF from streaming

The Pan American Games are now less than 100 days away, and anticipation is building for all involved. The Organizing Committee has moved into top gear, the athletes are well into their preparation and the spectators are making plans to see the action. Those lucky enough to have the possibility to be in Toronto have bought their tickets (or should do so quickly at http://www.toronto2015.org/tickets !) and those further away are checking the TV and streaming programs to make sure they can catch as much action as possible.( Contd. on PHAF website)


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"How To Hockey" Video Series

10 short videos explain the basics of hockey

The FIH a series of ten short videos explaining the basics of the sport of field hockey, in an easy to understand and often humorous format.

Episode 1 – Hockey Basics

Episode 2 – Umpire Signals

Episode 3 – The 5m Rule

Episode 4 – Self Pass

Episode 5 – Green, Yellow, Red Cards

Episode 6 – The Off-side Rule

Episode 7 – What is Dangerous Play?

Episode 9 – How do you score a Goal?

Episode 10 – Penalty-corners

Episode 11 – Goalkeepers



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