Jamaica Hockey Federation AGM

The Annual General Meeting will be held on November 26, 6:30 p.m. at the Sport Development Foundation’s (SDF) Conference Room.

Elections to be held November 26th, 2015 for the open positions for the JHF Board

The nominees vying for the positions on the Board are:

Ms. Ebony McLean, St. Andrew
Mr. Richard Shaw, Raiders United

Vice President - Men
Mr. Richard Wisdom, Circus Circle

Vice President - Women
Ms. Carol Hibbert, XCLR
Ms. Patrice Clarke, Tropics

Honourary Secretary
Ms. Michelle Thomas, St. Andrew Hockey club
Mrs. Denise Wisdom, Sharpe's

World League Finals

Men Hockey World League Final Raipur 2015 (M) Women Hockey World League Final Rosario 2015 World League Finals


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"How To Hockey" Video Series

10 short videos explain the basics of hockey

The FIH a series of ten short videos explaining the basics of the sport of field hockey, in an easy to understand and often humorous format.

Episode 1 – Hockey Basics

Episode 2 – Umpire Signals

Episode 3 – The 5m Rule

Episode 4 – Self Pass

Episode 5 – Green, Yellow, Red Cards

Episode 6 – The Off-side Rule

Episode 7 – What is Dangerous Play?

Episode 9 – How do you score a Goal?

Episode 10 – Penalty-corners

Episode 11 – Goalkeepers



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