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FIH "How To Hockey" Video Series

10 short videos explain the basics of hockey

The FIH a series of ten short videos explaining the basics of the sport of field hockey, in an easy to understand and often humorous format.

Episode 1 – Hockey Basics

Episode 2 – Umpire Signals

Episode 3 – The 5m Rule

Episode 4 – Self Pass

Episode 5 – Green, Yellow, Red Cards

Episode 6 – The Off-side Rule

Episode 7 – What is Dangerous Play?

Episode 9 – How do you score a Goal?

Episode 10 – Penalty-corners

Episode 11 – Goalkeepers

JHF/ISSA Under-19 high schools girls champions
JHF/ISSA 2015 Under-19 high school girls champions
JHF/ISSA under-19 2nd place team Merle Grove team
JHF/ISSA under-19 2nd place team Merle Grove team



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