Marabona Invitational Tournament

The recently concluded Marabona Invitational Tournament at the Mona Hockey Field on the weekend of April 25-26, Taffari Dennis, student of Excelsior High and player of Munro College Old Boys Hockey Club and Antoinette Baxter student of St Hugh's High and player of Tropics Hockey Club, were both awarded the Marabona Youth Scholarship worth $20,000 each to a school of their choice sponsored by the Jamaica Hockey Federation.

This check will be awarded to them on Monday June 29 At the Jamaica National Building Society’s Office in Half Way Tree. The President of the federation will be on hand along with Ms. Erica May one of the tournament directors to make the presentations. Please coordinate with Ms. Novia Blair for instructions on making this photo opportunity.

Mr. Leon Kerr whom is the tournament director can be contacted at the information below for more details.

Leon W Kerr
Tournament Director

JHF Secretariat
Jamaica Hockey Federation  
Tel: (876) 702-4497





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